this saturday 1/20/07

The Young Americans

this saturday i am part of and had some involvement in the organizing of a showing of myself and other young artists. it is occurring during this this big performance conference called APAP. the event that i am participating in is not officially part of APAP. the idea is that presenters of dance and performance come from all over the world and check out work.

i think our showcase is going to be really good!

This showcase is co-organized and co-presented by PAIN // Performing Arts International.

The showcase is on Sat. Jan. 20th. 3pm @ 359 Broadway #5 (corner of Franklin Street), New York.

The artists…

Eagle Ager

Beth Gill


Chase Granoff / Jon Moniaci


The Labor Union- Isabel Lewis / Erika Hand


More info…

Eagle Ager

Eagle Ager is a performance art team based in Brooklyn. It’s members are Charlotte Gibbons, Stephen Cooper and Geoffrey Nosach. They have shown work at Judson Church, the Neuberger Museum, Dixon Place, many Aunts events, the Deitch Art Parade, the Chocolate Factory, uptown, downtown and in caves. Eagle Ager’s work is a live mix of puppetry, performance art and electronic music. They will be going on their second USA tour this summer where they will share a passion for cheap and powerful artwork.

Beth Gill


The creation of “Untitled,” began with a clear conceptual outline, concerning the representation of a nameless body in space. At some point, dancers/collaborators were slowly accumulated into the process, and concept shifted from an interest in the individual to an interest in the whole. As a result the work’s efforts went from exposing itself to exposing the space in which it works.

Beth Gill is a dance artist based in Brooklyn. Growing up just north of New York City, she moved here to attend New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and graduated in 2003. Since then, her work has been presented by The Kitchen, Danspace Project, Dixon Place, and most recently by Dance Theater Workshop. Future projects include a collaborative research period with photographer Kathie Carroll, documenting American Landscapes over the course of their drive cross country this summer ’07. Also, new work will be presented by Dance Theater Workshop for their winter/spring ’08 season.

Chase Granoff / Jon Moniaci

BOREDOM!!! (as an amplifier)

BOREDOM!!! (as an amplifier) will be premiered at The Chocolate Factory in Long Island City in May and the in August will be performed in Berlin at Haus der Kulturen der Welt as a part of States of New York performance program nomadic new york curated by Andre Lepecki.

BOREDOM!!! (as an amplifier) is a performance that exposes the intersections of dance and sound through the vibratory presence of both forms. This is a performance in which the live manipulation of electronic sound equipment creates the basis for the movement vocabulary, which shuffles between a contemplative static quality and a quietly explosive shaking. The performance addresses the place of presentation and collapses the magic of the theater, thus creating an exposed and complicated situation for both audience and performers.

Chase Granoff and Jon Moniaci are both Brooklyn based artists. They shown work together at Chez Bushwick, Movement Research Festival: Improvisation is Hard, Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church, PS 122, Dixon Place and Dance Theater Workshop. They also initiated a research project on accumulated composition in dance and music with Joe Shahadi. They are members of ♥ the band along Chris Peck, Beth Gill and Eleanor Bauer.

The Labor Union- Isabel Lewis / Erika Hand


Premiering at Dance Theater Workshop, NYC Feb. 7-10, 2007

From the assertion that fiction is important and realness unavoidable comes this dance artifact in which a re-imagined and often fabricated history of dance becomes the geography traversed by dance performers Isabel Lewis and Erika Hand. Their bold and deliberately impossible mission is to authenticate the now. THE LIVE PERFORMANCE by the Labor Union is an examination of our assumptions surrounding contemporary dance performance and the value systems used to analyze and judge it. Through the evocation of historical performances, the embodiment of various performative states, and the use of critical dialogue the work interrogates the discourse of realness, honesty, truth and originality.

The Labor Union was born in Bushwick, Brooklyn in the fall of 2004. It was the coming together of friends and then roommates Erika Hand, Chris Lancaster, and Isabel Lewis behind the necessity of art making even in a situation of extremely limited resources. The Labor Union is an agreement to make work and support each other. The Labor Union is rooted in the ten year history Hand and Lewis share as performance and research partners. The two met a Booker High School Center for the Visual and Performing Arts in Sarasota, FL as dance majors. Both Hand and Lewis continued their studies at Hollins
University in Roanoke, VA where they worked alongside one another, Hand pursuing majors in Dance and Women’s Studies and Lewis in Dance and Literary Criticism. The two now live in Brooklyn, NY and have maintained a rigorous rehearsal/research process. The Labor Union has been presented by AUNTS, Chez Bushwick, The Chocolate Factory, Dance Theater Workshop, Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church, Dixon Place, The Kitchen, Movement Research at Judson Church and PS 122.

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  1. i found you surfing…interestin all..please visit my blog and take a look at some of the video materials…it is still being completed with images but will be glad to read your comments…and may be keep in touch

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