sites and blogs and other things

Here is a partial list of sites, blogs and other things that I have been interested in as well as inspired by.

I’m not really Stanley Lieber. –

A HUMA ;;;;;

Both of these blogs were discovered via Momus and his blog Click opera.

Hot Knives a great food blog with delicious recipes and awesome beer suggestions.

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction is a great Philly site, blog and online store. They have been covering the show Locally Localized Gravity at the ICA in Philly.

The new humans which according to their site…

Formed in 2003, Brooklyn based New Humans make collaborative works including music, video, art installations, clothing collaborations (w. United Bamboo), and sound recordings. Repetitive patterning, collapsing boundary and object, unraveling …


are about to open a new show at Elizabeth Dee Gallery in NYC. The opening is Febuarary 17th from 6-8pm.

Yesterday, I picked up the new issue of ANP Quarterly, a great free large format magazine. I discovered the first issue randomly at the store Nom de Guerre (an awesome store with beautiful clothes) and have ever since been on the lookout for new issues. To get an idea of what goes on inside the magazine check out their fairly new blog.


(pics of content from the new issue)

Later tonight I am going to check out a new performance from DD Dorvillier, Nottthing Is Importanttt, that is happening at The Kitchen.


(from her last show, No Change or “freedom is a psycho-kinetic skill,” )


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