the average home and the not so average email

I was recently invited by Katharina Birkenbach to participate in a project called The Average Home. Katharina initiated this project with Arne Hendriks.

The have described the project as being:

The Average Home is a growing network of mini-galleries based in peoples homes. The galleries consist of a slide projector, a window with some sort of screen and the public space around the home. The galleries all show the same image during a certain time.

My gallery is in Brooklyn. The other cities are Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Bucharest, Milan, Stockholm, Tel Aviv and Tokyo.

I am waiting to receive the first work of art for exhibition. Looking forward to having my first opening.


Recently I heard about a “limited edition email”. This is a fun art project/idea from Multi Polar Projects. Basically 500 of these emails were sent out with a proposed value of $1,000. One of the rules of this email is that it can only be printed once. The email also comes with an invoice. The email and edition can also be verified for the purpose of sale and auction. Is anyone really going to buy this? Probably not but it is an interesting comment on obsession with “limited” “exclusive” “value” specifically in regards to art. I wonder if email correspondence could ever gain the same value as historical letters and notes from equally historical figures?

As someone coming from a dance and performance background I am interested in this project as it is forcing/creating a material physical object as well as value out of something that is ephemeral and usually temporary that is without a value.




One response to “the average home and the not so average email

  1. the picture is on it’s way! send us yours and we’ll put it on the site. cheers, katharina

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