Nothing can replace the notebook.

Even though many people carry laptops, smart-phones and other electronics with them everyday it seems that the old pen and paper hasn’t been completely abandoned. Nothing beats the free form ability a notebook allows when jotting down a note, idea or inspiration.

Here is a brief list of some of the more interesting notebooks I have come across recently:

Behance Action Book


The design of this notebook is inspired by Behance’s Action Method.



They offer a family of notepads inspired by various historical moments/people of design.

Le Modular is inspired by Le Corbusier.


The Guardian is inspired by David Hillman’s redesign of the Guardian in 1988


I have been hearing about a new notebook call Field Notes. I haven’t seen one and am not sure what sets it apart from others. But people seem excited.

On their site they have a good quote:

“I’m not writing it down to remember it later I’m writing it down to remember it now”

And of course there are the classic Moleskine notebooks.


I am currently carrying one of these around.


What do you carry?

5 responses to “notebooks

  1. A6 Daler-Rowney or similar. I hate the trend for spiral bound books – they won’t fit in your hip pocket.

  2. Good question!
    As far as notebooks go, I always have at least 2 on me at any given point. I have one to dump thoughts and general stream of consciousness into (spiral bound, cheap notebook from Staples), and one to draw, and record ideas, projects and diagrams in (moleskine, thin and brown). Yeah, those Field Notes books look fun. I cant wait till they come out.

  3. my favorite notebook is half graph, half college rule.
    the grid is on the top half of the page and the lines on the bottom. i find it perfect for dance notes, spatial patterns, or drawing things to scale.

  4. I recommend a Cachet book with acid free blank pages. It is perfect for drawing, writing and pasting found or made images. You can purchase one at Pearl Paint or at several art supply stores. It comes in various sizes. I am partial to 8 x 11. Over the years I have filled many books with sketches, patterns, ideas and dribble. These books contain my life. If I loose one I am lost.

  5. i love notebooks so effing much. i fetishize every one i see and want to see and touch all kinds. something about the container and what it can contain.

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