LIVE SH– 9.29.07.


LIVE SH– presents…

The release party for A Zine* featuring performances and readings from:

Ana Isabel Keilson (zine organizer)
Stella Rabbit
Jill Sigman
Tara O’Con
Andy’s MoM
Melanie Maar

Closing the evening will be Talibam!** (Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea)

Live Sh– is happening after Tere O’Connor‘s “Rammed Earth”

The Chocolate Factory
5-49 49th Avenue
L.I.C., NY 11101

Saturday 9.29.07.


$3 (free if you see Tere’s show before)

cheap beer!

* This zine is an artifact created by and for the dance / performance community. This zine is made with the hope of finding new spaces in print media for the presentation, exploration and promotion of our work and ideas.

** —-hot heeled and tight edged; Talibam! are mystic
soup tasters forcing flavors out of yr mother’s
dimension. matt mottel (synthesizer) kevin shea (drums)

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