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I am looking forward to this discussion tomorrow. I have been interested in PAF for a bit now. Heard great things about it during my travels to Vienna and Berlin this past summer. The place looks beautiful…

Presented by Movement Research‘s Studies Projects

PAF: Introduction and Working Practices

Jan Ritsema, initiator of PAF (PerformingArtsForum), introduces this residency space by and for artists, a free zone for self-organization and self-education located in St. Erme, France. He will also lead a broader discussion on contemporary performance working practices. The conversation will be moderated by DD Dorvillier.


Thursday, November 8, 2007, 6pm
DTW 3rd floor studio


talking writing pictures words interviews cowboys and horses

Last night Chris Peck and I were interviewed by Levi Gonzalez for Movement Research’s Critical Correspondence. The discussion was very fluid and engaging. It gave Chris and I an opportunity to discuss our series Live Sh– at the Chocolate Factory. We talked about why we started it, what our interest is it, ideas surrounding organizing an event and curating performance. We discussed a lot about what we see the role of curation as being and how we find ourselves and interests within that position. I am excited for it to come out on the site as an audio interview and hopefully as a text transcription as well. I am posting a couple of pics that Chris took during the interview.







The cowboy and horse makes a special appearance during the interview as a musical performance.


Jon Moniaci and I are continuing to work on our new performance BOREDOM!!! (as an amplifier). The show is just about a month away and we should be getting the postcards back from the printers tomorrow. Here our some recent pictures from rehearsals and discussions we have had in preparation of the piece.




(crazy digital light)


(me and jon in our band photo)



I am really excited at how this piece is turning out and am looking forward to sharing it with an audience. We are at a pivotal place right now where we are pretty happy with all the content that has been generated. But now we are trying to find the composition and placement of that content in relationship with the whole piece, the individual elements and the physical space. I find this part of the process super challenging. I guess this is what choreographer is about. At least in some ways. Luckily we have received very helpful feedback from Chris, Levi and Luciana Achugar.

dancing BORDOM!!!

A excerpt from the most recent rehearsal. This shows a re-working of the ending.

BOREDOM!!! gets shot!!!

At the last rehearsal of BOREDOM!!! Chris Peck came to give feedback and take some pictures.

Here is a short sampling.





I am also excited to announce that Brooklyn Brewery has signed on as the official beer sponsor of the show.

In other news the choreographer Jonathan Burrows has been putting together some great panel discussions on current themes and concepts surrounding contemporary dance. These discussions have been taking place in London at Siobhan Davies Studios. Luckily they have embraced technology and the internet and created a great website as well podcasts. They are well worth listening to if you are interested in current contemporary themes and ideas surrounding performance and art.

another rehearsal…

Today I edited a video of a recent rehearsal video. I have put up a bunch of clips in sequential order of the piece.

A short piece description.

BOREDOM!!! (as an amplifier) is a performance that exposes the intersections of dance and sound through the vibratory presence of both forms. This is a performance in which the live manipulation of electronic sound equipment creates the basis for the movement vocabulary, which shuffles between a contemplative static quality and a quietly explosive shaking. The performance addresses the place of presentation and collapses the magic of the theater, thus creating an exposed and complicated situation for both audience and performers.

More rehearsal videos.

BOREDOM!!! rehearsal video

I am starting to upload short excerpts from rehearsals of the performance Jon Moniaci and I are working on. The title of the performance is BOREDOM!!! (as an amplifier).

This is the first one. More to come soon…